Gretta Curran Browne


Book 4 of the Byron Series

Winner of Readers Favorite Gold Medal Award 2020

With the instant success of his brilliant new works, The Corsair and Lara, Lord Byron’s literary fame as a poet of stature has spread to all parts of America and throughout Continental Europe.

Mary Chaworth still invades Byron’s thoughts, but two other women now seek to move her completely out of his way — Miss Annabella Milbanke, who has now turned into a persistent letter-writer in the hope of renewing Byron’s interest in her; and his half-sister, Augusta Leigh, who wishes only the best for him.

Byron draws down more disrepute upon his name in the anti-Semitic Press, for the calumny of collaborating his poetry with the music of a Jewish composer, something considered to be base and revolutionary and not to be expected from an aristocrat.

Lady Caroline Lamb finally sees a way to wreak her obsessed revenge on Byron, so damning and so unproven, it infuriates all his friends who rush to his defence, but the catastrophic aftermath rings down through history, destroying Byron’s reputation, and almost destroying the man.