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Update: — I want to apologize to all those readers who have read the first four books of the “Byron” series and have contacted me with inquiries about the follow-on books. Unfortunately, due to quite a lot of extra research in foreign climes, I am way behind schedule and so I’m now working towards publication in early 2018. I’m so sorry to disappoint you, and will let you know as soon as the next books are ready.

My love to you all.


April 19th –  Greece honours fallen hero Byron with a day of his own. (

An Englishman, A Poet, a soldier of liberty who gave his life for the freedom of Greece & so the Greeks still honour him.

April 19th each year in Greece is a National Bank Holiday and known as “Byron’s Day”  

Hi everyone,

At last!  I said my next project was a big one  and it is proving to be.

After two years of researching and writing, the first four books in my BYRON series are now available:-   “A Strange Beginning” (1),   “A Strange World ” (2),   “Mad, Bad and Delightful to Know” (3), and I am pleased to say the fourth – “A Runaway Star” (4) – is also now published.

I have enjoyed writing them; I hope you all enjoy reading them.

The following two and final books on Byron’s life will be published in Spring 2017.


The BYRON Series
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