Gretta Curran Browne


Hi everyone,

My new book —

2014 started for me with one of the biggest projects I have undertaken – or maybe it just feels BIG because of all the research; but I’m not complaining – I’m loving it!

It was Byron who first said: “Truth is often stranger than fiction,” and for me, when writing about a real person in novel form, getting at the truth is always a great adventure with some amazing discoveries to pass on to my readers, hopefully!

Some of you have left some wonderful reviews for my books on, and when I read them, as I do every few weeks or so, I always nod my head with a smile and a thank-you to the reviewer, and now I’m beginning to recognise the names and think of you as my reading friends – you know who you are – and now I do too!

Hopefully I will have another good book for you to read for you by the end of the year. In the meanwhile, God bless, good luck, and thank you.




Valentine’s Day 2014

So this time last week I saw my novel, TREAD SOFTLY ON MY DREAMS, hit the second page of’s (US)  overall Top 100, as well as reaching #1 in four Best Seller Categories – it’s still at #1 in three of those Bestseller Lists  – so my thanks to all readers who bought it, whoever and wherever you are.

 Gretta x



A “stand-alone” novel in its own right, THE WAYWARD SON is the fourth and final book in “The Macquarie Series.”


Set on the beautiful Island of Mull, on the estate of ‘Jarvisfield’ owned by Lachlan Macquarie Junior – a young man deeply unhappy with his lot in life.

In love with Beth Jarvis – the young girl of mixed blood whom he believed would not be accepted in Scotland’s high society, leading him to marry someone else, now much to his regret.

Beth – who has love for no other man but John Dewar, the young naval officer who loved her and left her.

John Dewar – tied to his duty in the slave prevention squadron in West Africa – finally returning to Scotland.

A beautifully told dramatic and moving story of a young couple in love, and a young couple in hate, and the people around them who observe it all.

Based on the true story of the three families of Macquarie, Jarvis and Dewar, The Wayward Son is filled with wry humour and stirring drama as it tells their story, leading to a tragedy that results in an unexpected and heartbreaking loss.