Gretta Curran Browne

April 19th –  Greece honours fallen hero Byron with a day of his own. (

An Englishman, A Poet, a soldier of liberty who gave his life for the freedom of Greece & so the Greeks still honour him.

April 19th each year in Greece is a National Bank Holiday and known as “Byron’s Day”  

Hi everyone,

At last!  I said my next project was a big one  and it is proving to be.

After two years of researching and writing, the first four books in my BYRON series are now available:-   “A Strange Beginning” (1),   “A Strange World ” (2),   “Mad, Bad and Delightful to Know” (3), and I am pleased to say the fourth – “A Runaway Star” (4) – is also now published.

I have enjoyed writing them; I hope you all enjoy reading them.

The following two and final books on Byron’s life will be published in Spring 2017.


The BYRON Series
                               A Series of books about the most iconic young man of his time

The Liberty Trilogy
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The Macquarie Series
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