Gretta Curran Browne

The Wayward Son

Set on the beautiful Island of Mull, on the estate of ‘Jarvisfield’ owned by Lachlan Macquarie Junior – a young man deeply unhappy with his lot in life.

In love with Beth Jarvis – the young girl of mixed blood whom he believed would not be accepted in Scotland’s high society, leading him to marry someone else, now much to his regret.

Beth – who has love for no other man but John Dewar, the young naval officer who loved her and left her.

John Dewar – tied to his duty in the slave prevention squadron in West Africa – finally returning to Scotland.

A beautifully told dramatic and moving story of a young couple in love, and a young couple in hate, and the people around them who observe it all.

Based on the true story of the three families of Macquarie, Jarvis and Dewar, The Wayward Son is filled with wry humour and stirring drama as it tells their story, leading to a tragedy that results in an unexpected and heartbreaking loss.